2XXX Plate
 5XXX Plate
 6XXX Plate
 7XXX Plate
 General Engineering Plate
 Aluminium Tooling Plate
 QC7 Aluminium Mold Plate
 Alumec 78/Alumec 89 Aluminium Mold Plate
 MIC6® Aluminum Cast Plate
Alcoa's plate plants manufacture strong alloy plate for all aerospace applications to the most comprehensive range of specifications, while continuing to develop both the materials and the production technology to ensure that the future requirements of the aerospace industry are satisfied.

Applications of general engineering plate include:
  • Drilling rigs, containers, road (truck bodies, wheels, tankers, trailers) and rail transport (mass transport, trams)
  • Stressed assemblies, military vehicles
  • Machined parts, truck wheels
  • Heavy duty structures requiring good corrosion resistance. cargo containers, railcars and pipelines
  • Tooling plate
  • Marine engineering - fast ferries, work boats, offshore rigs
  • Welded pressure vessels, storage tanks, bulk storage - silos, static tanks
  • Chemical and food plants
  • Electrical busbar, heat sinks and exchangers.

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