We are looking for people in production
Alcoa Fjardaál is always looking for reliable people to work in the potroom, the rodshop and the casthouse of the Fjardaál smelter. There are 12-hour shifts, which allow for more days off and better salaries. You can view the shift plan, in Icelandic here (PDF, 383 Kb). We have four shifts, A, B, C and D. Our employees get free food while at work. We make very strict safety requirements. For that reason, it is imperative that everyone who is hired to work for us must be able to speak and understand Icelandic.


Employees must be at least 18 years of age, and must have a driving licence, valid in Iceland.


Here you can apply on-line for a job at Alcoa Fjardaál, and see which position are available at the moment.

The hiring process
We try hard to get the best people for every position in the smelter, and yet we try to shorten the hiring process wherever possible. It follows a certain procedure to ensure that all applications and all applicants get the same treatment. For more information, please call (+354) 470-7700 or send an e-mail to "starf (at) alcoa.com."


General requirements for all employees
Alcoa Fjardaál is not only looking for people with the right skills and education; we also place emphasis on the values, attributes and integrity of the applicant. The company expects all employees to have the following attributes:
 - human communication skills

 - the will to work in teams of equals

 - positive thinking and respect for others 
 - the need for constant improvement 

 - incentive and independence 
 - the will to tackle various and demanding projects


Free bus rides
Alcoa Fjardaál offers its employees free bus rides to and from work from the following towns:

  • Fellabær
  • Egilsstadir
  • Stöðvarfjördur
  • Fáskrúdsfjördur
  • Neskaupstadur
  • Eskifjördur
  • Reyðarfjördur


Job openings

To view a page with current job openings and apply on-line, use the link below. Please note that as all applicants must speak Icelandic, the page is in Icelandic.

view page with current job openings