Tables of Contents for Alcoa Howmet's Technical Specifications
Please be advised, all Alcoa Howmet purchase orders issued after February 10, 2003, will only list the specification number(s).  The revision level / revision date will be removed from these Alcoa Howmet purchase orders.  This change in policy only applies to the following Alcoa Howmet specifications:
  • Advanced Core Manual (AC Specifications)
  • Cleaning Manual (CM Specifications)
  • Coating Manual (CD Specifications)
  • Core Manual (CP Specifications)
  • Crucible Manual (MC Specifications)
  • DS Manual (DS Specifications)
  • Mono-Shell Manual (MS Specifications)
  • Process Materials Manual (PM Specifications)
  • Shell Room Manual (SR Specifications)
  • Test Bar (TBM)
  • Wax Manual (WM Specifications)
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Note:  The purchase order stipulated specification revision level / revision date may be located in the appropriate Table of Contents (referenced above) by associating the first two digits of purchase order stipulated specification number to the Alcoa Howmet specification manual; i.e., specification AC1100 would be found in the Advanced Core manual.  This web page does not contain, nor are copies of any of these specifications available on Alcoa Howmet's web site.  If your organization is in need of a copy of an Alcoa Howmet specification, please contact the Procurement representative listed on the Alcoa Howmet purchase order.
As a supplier to Alcoa Howmet, and in accordance with Alcoa Howmet's Supplier Quality Flowdown Document, your organization is responsible for the timely review, incorporation and maintenance of all current drawings, standards, specifications, planning and changes.  The appropriate revision level of the Howmet technical specification(s), stipulated in the Alcoa Howmet purchase order, must be incorporated within 30 days from the "Issued" date of the related "Table of Contents" in which the specification(s) is listed.  All product and material arriving at the Alcoa Howmet purchasing facility, immediately following incorporation of the specification and the supplier/Alcoa Howmet agreed upon effectivity date, must be configured to the appropriate specification revision level.
Note:  The following purchase order documents are exempt, and Alcoa Howmet will continue to list the revision level and/or revision date, as applicable:
  • Alcoa Howmet Alloy Manual (HA Specifications)
  • Alcoa Howmet Aluminum Alloy Manual (HAA Specifications)
  • Alcoa Howmet Ti-Ingot Technical Manual (MP Specifications)
  • Alcoa Howmet Product Criteria and Activity Instructions
  • Alcoa Howmet Tooling Manual Specifications
  • Alcoa Howmet Customer B/P's and Drawings
  • Alcoa Howmet Customer Specifications
  • ISO Standards
  • Industry Standards (i.e., ASM, ASTM, etc.)
  • Federal & Military Standards

Supplier Quality Management Documents

Alcoa Howmet's Supplier Quality Management documents are available for downloading.

Alcoa Howmet Supplier Work Instructions

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