Welcome to Alcoa Howmet's supplier information website, established to enhance communication with our suppliers and prospective suppliers. Here you can review Alcoa Howmet's Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct as it relates to our relationships with suppliers, consult the most current Corporate Supplier Quality Management documents and Purchase Order Terms and Conditions, or place an online inquiry with Alcoa Howmet's Corporate Procurement Services staff.
We have designed this site with the initial goal of providing important business information to our suppliers that traditionally would have been mailed to you. Alcoa Howmet is striving to reduce the overall cost of doing business with us by making this resource available. Our goal is to enhance our ability to communicate important information to our valued suppliers, and enhance your ability to access information that you may need to support us.
We encourage any suggestions or feedback that would assist in making this site more useful to you.
Procurement Policy
Alcoa Howmet's procurement policies govern the methods and processes utilized in the procurement of materials and services. All procurements will be made from the supplier providing the highest quality, the best delivery and the lowest price, in that order. All procurement transactions will conform with all applicable laws, regulations and contractual obligations, including laws and regulations governing both the United States and international procurement.
We recognize that all of our suppliers are important to our success and will be accorded courteous treatment in a professional, business-like manner. Our suppliers will be given every opportunity to compete for our business based upon their individual merit and their ability to provide Alcoa Howmet goods and services which yield the greatest value to our company.
Commitment Authority
The authority to commit to purchase for Alcoa Howmet and its subsidiaries resides with the Procurement organization only. Alcoa Howmet has no obligation to honor any commitments to pay for goods or services unless so authorized by a properly executed purchase order, purchase order change notice or interim authorization. It is incumbent upon our suppliers to insure receipt of a valid Alcoa Howmet purchase order prior to furnishing any goods or services.

Tooling Specifications

Alcoa Howmet's tooling specifications are available online for approved vendors.

Alcoa Supplier Connection

Visit Alcoa's Supplier Connection site to learn more about becoming an Alcoa supplier.

IT Vendors

Learn about providing Alcoa Howmet eBusiness.

Test Fixture Manual

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Test Bar Manual