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At Alcoa Howmet, our goal is to be the easiest company to do business with for both customers and suppliers. We offer you a full suite of eBusiness tools from a secure extranet to a direct system connectivity using traditional EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) or XML (Extensible Markup Language). Explore all your choices on conducting eBusiness with us to select the most convenient and efficient eBusiness tools.
eBusiness tools complement our traditional customer relationships and offer value-adding services.
Secure Access 24 X 7 via AlcoaDirect!
Alcoa Howmet is pleased to introduce our secure eBusiness site, AlcoaDirect. Powered through an endeavor with our parent company, AlcoaDirect allows customers to securely access order, shipping, and invoicing information.
Alcoa conducts traditional EDI by way of a VAN as well as by EDI and XML over the Internet via a secure B2B connection. In today’s fast-paced environment, automation and efficiency throughout the entire value chain is a categorical imperative for staying competitive.

Transactions via a secure B2B connection using either VAN or the Internet are the most automated and efficient ways of doing business with Alcoa ... giving you the fast-paced environment, automation and efficiency you expect throughout the value chain. The benefits of B2B connections include:
  • Double data entry elimination
  • Error reductions
  • Transaction costs minimization
  • Perfect order percentage increases
  • Strengthened customer-supplier relationship
  • Click here for standards accepted

  Alcoa Howmet's Terms and Conditions of Sales [107 KB]

  APP TITAL Terms and Conditions of Sale [115 KB]

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A secure eBusiness site for invoicing and payables information is available through Alcoa Business Support Services.