Alcoa Howmet
Airfoil Operations
Dover, New Jersey
Alcoa Howmet's casting facility in Dover is a world-class supplier of complex, investment cast turbine airfoils for the aircraft engine and industrial gas turbine industries.  The Dover facility also offers "non-traditional castings," components normally fabricated from many parts, which are available as single castings with all internal passages and holes cast in.  The facility has been located in Dover, New Jersey, since 1949.
  • Single crystal, directionally solidified, and equiax castings
  • Commercial and military aircraft, rocket and industrial gas turbine
  • Blades, vanes, and multi-vane segments
  • Duct segments, shrouds and combustor panels
  • Integral wheels
  • Fuel injectors
  • Complex swirlers
  • Compressor vane segments

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Alcoa Howmet

9 Roy Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: (973) 361-0300
Fax: (973) 328-7701
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