Alcoa Howmet
Alloy Operations
Dover, New Jersey
Alcoa Howmet's alloy facility in Dover supplies vacuum and air-melted nickel- and cobalt-based superalloys to aerospace, gas turbine, medical and a host of other high-technology industrial markets.  The plant offers state-of-the- art capabilities for the manufacture of high- temperature remelt stock.  The alloy facility has been located in Dover, New Jersey, since 1945.
  • Vacuum barstock in 3.5-, 4.25-, 5.5- and 7.25-inch (0.09-, 0.18-, 0.14-, and 0.19-meter) diameters
  • Electron beam refined ingots in 3.5-, 4.25-inch (0.09- and 0.18-meter) diameters
  • Airmelt (A.O.D.) barcast ingot in 2.95-inch (0.075-meter) diameter
Alloys poured
   Nickel- and cobalt-based alloys, including:
  • IN713, IN738, IN713 LC
  • Mar-M 247
  • GTD111, GTD222
  • PWA1484
  • RenĂ© 80
  • F75
  • Stel 6, Stel 31, Stel 21, Stel 25
  • Many turbine manufacturers’ proprietary alloys

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Alcoa Howmet

10 Roy Street
Dover, NJ 07801
Phone: (973) 361-2310
Fax: (973) 361-4201
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