Alcoa Howmet's Standards of Business Conduct
Our Relationships with Suppliers
Alcoa Howmet is committed to dealing fairly with our suppliers. We will emphasize competition, without discrimination or deception, in a manner consistent with long-lasting relationships. We will purchase all equipment, supplies, and services based on merit. Alcoa Howmet suppliers, and subcontractors will be treated with fairness and integrity.
We Treat All Suppliers Fairly
We will treat all suppliers uniformly when we buy goods or services for Alcoa Howmet. In deciding among competing suppliers, we will objectively and impartially weigh all factors and avoid even the appearance of favoritism. We will follow established policies and procedures in the procurement of all goods and services.
We will communicate clearly and precisely, so that our suppliers understand the terms of our purchase orders and contracts, including price, quantity, performance criteria, specifications, and schedules.
Alcoa Howmet will provide the same information and instructions to each competing supplier for a proposed purchase.
We Do Not Accept or Provide Gifts and Gratuities
Alcoa Howmet employees will not be influenced by or attempt to influence suppliers or potential suppliers by accepting or providing gifts or gratuities of any kind.
Employees and their families may not offer or accept gifts or gratuities that could be perceived as an attempt to influence the performance of duties or favor existing or potential suppliers.
We Protect Proprietary Data and Data Provided by Others
Alcoa Howmet will not disclose proprietary company information to anyone without proper authorization. We will keep proprietary documents protected and secure.
In the course of normal business activities, suppliers, customers, and competitors may provide us information that is proprietary to their business. We respect these confidences.
We Use Software for its Intended Purpose
Alcoa Howmet employees are responsible for complying with requirements of copyright licenses related to software used in fulfilling job requirements. We will not reproduce software that is licensed to us by a supplier nor will we incorporate it into our own internally developed software unless we are permitted to do so.
We Require Ethical Behavior of Our Outside Consultants and Contractors
When it is necessary to engage the services of an individual or firm to consult for or otherwise represent the Company, special attention must be given to avoid conflicts of interest between Alcoa Howmet and the person or firm employed.
In addition, consultants, representatives, and agents of the Company must adhere to the same high standards of behavior and excellence required of every Alcoa Howmet employee. They must not act on behalf of the Company in any manner that is inconsistent with this Code of Ethics and Standards of Business Conduct, our policies, or any applicable laws or regulations.

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