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August 24, 2016 Alcoa Names Kate Hargrove Ramundo Future Arconic Chief Legal Officer

July 27, 2016 Alcoa Announces Plan for 1-for-3 Reverse Stock Split

With leading-edge technology and innovative solutions, Alcoa Howmet meets the exacting demands of the aerospace and industrial markets with precision investment castings of superalloy, titanium and aluminum alloys.

We are the premier manufacturer of components for the jet aircraft, gas turbine and other advanced-technology industries. We are also a major supplier of raw materials and equipment to the investment casting industry, and we excel in finished goods processes that include contract management, hot isostatic pressing, machining and thermal coating.
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Alcoa Howmet's products range from castings to equipment and materials for the investment casting industry. Alcoa Howmet also offers laboratory testing and casting-related services, from finishing operations to contract management.

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Review the advantages of the investment casting process and view a pictorial description of the process on our site's newest section.