Serving the aerospace and defense markets, Alcoa Forgings and Extrusions provides technologically advanced solutions with our closed die forgings, extrusions and cast metals capacity.  Products include extruded rods, bars, tubes and other shapes for airplane wings, fuselages, seat tracks and other aerospace components. As an industry leader, we possess an extensive portfolio of extrusion and drawn tubing capability.  We also forge crown frames, window frames, engine fan blades, landing gear and wing spars, among many other structural aerospace components. In addition, we produce our world-leading aero-engine disks in conventional and isothermal forging presses.  Our profile design and alloy designations consistently meet stringent quality and market demands.
If it flies, Alcoa is on it.

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Contact Information:
Alcoa Forging and Extrusions
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Jim Perrin – Market Manager - Aerospace

Phone:  480.598.2206
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