• The Alcoa-Alcan Refinery of Guinea (AARG) would have an initial capacity of 1.5 Mtpy, with expansion potential to 4.5 Mtpy.
  • A majority ownership by Alcan and Alcoa World Alumina of at least 80 percent, with an option for the Guinean State to acquire an equity stake.
  • Supply of bauxite to the refinery expected by Compagnie des Bauxites de Guinée (CBG) from a non-exportable reserve.
  • Refinery would bring significant revenues to the Government of Guinea.
  • Refinery would sell all the alumina to Alcan and Alcoa World Alumina.
  • A detailed feasibility study is expected to be completed in 2009 with a final investment decision made soon thereafter. Following such decision, alumina production could be expected in 2012.

Specific AARG Milestones
  • 2004: Presented the refinery project to the Government of Guinea and civil society in Conakry.
  • 2004: Commenced community consultations and basic community assessments for the six pre-selected sites. Consultations were ongoing through 2005/2006/2007.
  • 2005: Undertook Conservation International Rapid Assessment Program (RAP) with Guinea Ecology.
  • 2005: Basic Agreement signed, with the Government of Guinea.
  • 2006: Basic Agreement promulgated into law.
  • 2006: Presented key concepts of resettlement to Government of Guinea.
  • 2007: Held consultations with communities regarding principles and activities of resettlement.
  • 2007: Commenced discussions with Government of Guinea regarding development of Resettlement Action Plan (RAP). Impacted residents would be compensated by replacement of assets, which would be measured during a detailed survey and an environmental and social impact assessment - both that will be conducted now that the site announcement has been made. The details of such compensation would be discussed and agreed with the Government of Guinea.
  • 2007: Selected site near Kabata, north of Kamsar, as site for the proposed refinery
  • 2007: Activities to be completed:
    • Mining concession call option;
    • Bauxite supply by CBG;
    • Infrastructure utilization;
    • Power and water supply;
    • Berth agreement;
    • Community consultations, surveys and other actions in accordance with the Resettlement Action Plan and Resettlement Agreement;
    • Land Acquisition; and
    • Pre-feasibility study.

Alcoa/Alcan Sustainability-Oriented involvement in Guinea
As a matter of course, wherever Alcoa and Alcan operate around the world, they manage the use of local resources in a responsible manner. The companies engage their operating communities and contribute to their development through local investments, special programs and by supporting active participation of employees in community life. Guinea is no different in this regard.

In supporting Guinea in meeting its poverty-reduction targets and its sustainable development objectives, Alcoa and Alcan have contributed and will continue to contribute significantly to the well-being of their operating communities in Guinea, i.e.:
  • From 2001 to 2007, the Alcoa Foundation invested more than $2,500,000 in community projects, such as:
    • Roll-back malaria program in partnership with USAID;
    • Health and nutrition in 16 primary schools;
    • Productive health and safe motherhood;
    • Rehabilitation of old sand carries;
    • Sanitation program in Boké;
    • Transmitter equipment for Boke rural radio; etc.
  • In 2007: Alcoa and Alcan will initiate: a functional literacy program for 600 people in the six sites that had been pre-selected. Separately, the Project partners will initiate projects related to rice farming improvement, access to potable water and primary schooling for the sites that were not selected for the refinery project.