The mission of Alcoa Energy is to create value by seeking to lower overall operational costs and maintaining flexibility to sell power or consume it internally in some instances. Alcoa Energy includes Alcoa Power Generating Inc., which operates North American energy assets, as well as partnership positions in Brazil and a hydro facility in Suriname.

Energy management is not just about minimizing production costs; it's an important contributor to our profits as well. Alcoa manages around 4.5GW of power consumption and has a valuable portfolio of energy assets with power production capacity of approximately 1.7GW. Our team of global Energy experts has considerable expertise in managing our external sourcing of energy for our operations.

Our power management strategy is critical to achieving Alcoa's sustainability goals. Approximately 61% of our power production capacity comes from clean, renewable hydroelectric operations. In addition, more than 70% of Alcoa’s aluminum smelting portfolio runs on renewable sources.