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Building on alloy development for aerospace applications, ArmX™ armor panels (patent pending) offer the best in alloy technology with respect to strength and toughness in forgings and plate.  By tailoring the thermal and forging properties of Alcoa’s proprietary 7085 alloy, ArmX™ armor panels deliver:
  • Greater blast-threat survivability vs. conventional, equivalent weight aluminum armor
  • Dramatically reduced weight vs. steel armor at equivalent blast threat survivability
ArmX™ armor panels are  presently available in plate in thicknesses from 0.5 to 4.0 inch and in forgings of all sizes and geometries, in either a stress relieved or non-stress relieved temper, based on the part design geometry.  Alcoa’s unique capabilities in bending thick plate while maintaining strength are unmatched by other manufacturers.  Additionally, Alcoa offers complete supply chain management for ArmX™ armor subassemblies, with a proven ability to deliver easily integrated components on-time. 
Specific applications of ArmX™ armor panels include armor underbody blast shield, roof/side panelwindow frames, wheel applications, tank hatches, turrets - wherever high performing armor ballistic and blast protection is required and warranted. 

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