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Alcoa Norway produces 120.000 mt of extrusion billets per year. We deliver billets in 6xxx series alloys and the diameters range from 130 mm to 317 mm. Alcoa Norway billets are regarded as one of the benchmarks for quality in the market place, and are supplied to the European extrusion industry from Finland in the north to Italy in the south. Alcoa Norway billets are customised according to each customer’s own specifications with regard to alloy, dimensions and homogenising, in order to meet the high standards required by the building, construction, electronics and automotive industries. The company is one of the leading European billet suppliers, and one of the few primary aluminium producers in Europe which have no integrated extrusion plants. Some of the most important end products are specially designed industrial products for the electronics and telecommunications markets, together with balustrades, greenhouses, lamp poles, ladders, scaffolding, and the growing market for automotive parts and auto space-frames. Also other end products such as windows, doors and shop fronts, where aluminium - often laminated with other base materials - contributes substantially to energy saving through special extrusion designs with thermal breaks.
In a challenging market where high extrusion press speed has to be achieved along with top surface quality and mechanical properties, Alcoa Norway is continuously improving its casting and homogenising technologies and practices to meet these market demands.  Close co-operation with the customers on the technical side, whilst ensuring just-in-time deliveries, leads to professional long-term partnerships with many of Europe’s leading extruders.

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