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Foundry Ingot - Norway

Alcoa Norway produces 100.000 mt foundry alloys per year. We are supplying 6xxx series Aluminium alloys with low Iron content. 
DIN EN 1676   AB-42100,  AB-42200, AB-43000, AB- 43300, AB-44200. 
AlSi 7,  ... up to AlSi 13, further alloying elements are:  Mg,  Mn,  Ti,  ...
AlSi10Mg01Mn,  AlSi10Mg03Mn,           Grain refining on request.

Alcoa Norway's primary foundry ingots are produced in various lengths with an 88 mm square cross section. The foundry ingots are supplied to a large number of foundries throughout Europe, where they are remelted and then cast, using various processes. The major volume of cast products goes to components for the automotive industry. Alcoa Norway's primary metal is to an increasing extent used for different auto safety parts such as ABS brakes and various wheel support systems. 40% of the company’s foundry ingots are used for automobile wheels, with the major part being used in the manufacturing of different automotive parts. Knowledge of the customer processes makes it possible to adjust the product features to be specifically aligned to the customer’s equipment in order to ensure the best casting results. Therefore, Alcoa Norway keeps close contacts to the customers and provides short lead times for new requirements.
Common to all Alcoa Norway's products are consistent metal quality, high metal purity, low iron content and low level of trace elements.

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