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Alcoa produces standards for a wide assortment of wrought alloys which are registered by the Aluminum Association.   Standards identified with the ‘SS’ prefix followed by the alloy designation denote the standard that most closely matches the nominal registered composition.  Standards identified with the ‘WA’ through ‘WZ’ prefixes are range standards. These are typically used to bracket the composition range of one or more elements in the alloy of interest.  These standards are routinely shipped within 1 to 3 business days of placing the order.
Since wrought alloy product certification typically requires analysis of minor elements, Alcoa produces ‘ST’ standards to provide a high end reference point for many of the typical minor elements.  The 'ST' standards are used to demonstrate accurate analysis at or near the typical composition limits for the minor elements.
With the wide range of wrought alloys in production today around the world, suitable standards may not exist.  To address this need, Alcoa can produce a specialty standard to meet your exact composition targets. All of these standards are suitable for use in the preparation and periodic adjustment of analytical curves.

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