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Thread Setter Spin-Pull Tool

140-SP Thread Setting Tool / 39223

This spin-pull tool automatically threads the fastener onto the mandrel. Press the  trigger and the fastener is installed. Reverse the trigger position and the mandrel spins out of the fastener. The  140-SP features a totally adjustable stroke length to suit any grip range and a swivel air inlet for increased mobility. No complicated tear down is required to adjust the stroke or to change thread sizes...both adjustments are done outside the tool!  The 140-SP handles threaded insert sizes from 6-32 through 1/4"-20 and 4mm through 6mm in aluminum or steel. 6-32 through 1/4-20 mandrels and nosepieces are included.
Weight: 4.9 lbs.

Contact Information
James Baumgartner
Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings - Industrial

John LoConte
Arconic Fastening Systems and Rings - Industrial