Inspection Gaging - Installation Sequence

Step 1

The pin is inserted into the hole with a transition or interference fit from one side of by the drill riveter machine. The collar is automatically feed to the pin and placed over the locking grooves

Step 2

The swage anvil then moves into position and begins to develop clamp-up while swaging the collar. The pin is supported by the upper ram of the drill riveter machine during the swaging action

Step 3

Collar swaging is complete when the drill riveter machine reaches the pre-set swage force. At this time clamp force has been generated due to the extrusion of the collar that creates a corresponding stretch of the pin. The retained clamp load developed is over 50% of the fasteners ultimate tensile.

Step 4

The swage anvil is ejected by machine ejection force after collar is completely swaged. The installation is complete and the drill riveter machine indexes to next installation

The entire sequence is less than two seconds.