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Sustainable Products:

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Kawneer offers a comprehensive line of products and services that can contribute to potential points in the LEED categories of:
  • Energy & Atmosphere
  • Materials & Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Air Quality
  • Innovation & Design Process

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Products of special interest
1600 PowerShade®
1600 PowerWall®
1600 PowerSlope®
InLighten® Light Shelf
1600 S.G. (Sloped Glazing)
2000 Skylight

Thermal Products
1600 L-R Wall®
1600 Sloped Glazing
1600 SS™ (Screw Spline) Curtain Wall
1600 Wall System®1
1600 Wall System®2
1600 Wall System®3
1600 Wall System®4
1600 Wall System®5
1602 Wall
2000 Skylight
2000T Terrace Doors
2250 IG (Inside Glazed)
2250 L-R Wall
2500 PG Unitwall™
260/360/560 Insulclad® Thermal Entrances 
512 VENTROW ISOLOCK® Ventilator
516 ISOPORT® Window
518 ISOPORT® Window
526 ISOPORT® Window
5500 ISOWEB® Window
5525 ISOWEB® Window
6200T ISOLOCK® Window
7500 Wall®
8225TL ISOLOCK® Window
8400TL ISOLOCK® Window
AA®3900 Thermal Sliding Door
AA®900 ISOWEB® Window
EnCORE® Thermal Framing System
GLASSvent™ for Curtain Wall
GLASSvent™ for Storefront
IR 500/501 Framing
PG 123® ISOWEB® Framing
Trifab® VersaGlaze® 451/451T

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