167041 - Classic 8 8-bolt Single Rear Wheel : Important Safety Information

Important Safety Information

Do not exceed maximum wheel load. Do not overinflate. Before mounting the tire, perform a wheel fitment check to ensure proper clearance from any obstructions. See Alcoa wheel service manuals and catalogs, your vehicle dealer or Alcoa representative for information on proper vehicle fitment procedures. Check with your dealer or Alcoa resources for proper load inflation and part compatibility information before servicing these wheels. Refer to the Alcoa Wheel Fitment Guide for detailed vehicle application, hardware and Alcoa accessory information. Please note: changing from original equipment tire size to aftermarket tire size can affect speedometer. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Finish Part Number
Polished Outside167041

Specifications Measurement
StyleClassic 8
Bolt Circle Inches8x6.5
Bolt Hole Dia. Inches0.62
Bolt Hole Nut Seat60 degree conical
Hub Bore Dia. Inches5.16
Backspace Inches4.29
Offset-SRW or Half Dual Space-DRW Inches0.25
Max. Wheel Load Pounds3750
Max. Cold Inflation PSI110
Wheel Weight Pounds21
Pilot TypeStud

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