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HUCKCOMP® Lockbolt Performance Test Reports

A listing of technical reports relating to performance of the HUCKCOMP® LGP® lockbolts follows. These reports are available at Huck International Inc. Carson Operations.

RD-82-1 Modifications to LGP® fastening system for mechanical attachment of graphite/epoxy structure.

RD-83-3 Installation load characteristics of LGPL9SC pin with SLFC-MV collar.

RD-83-4 LGP Lockbolt temperature variation tests in graphite composites.

84-LGP9-121 SLFC-MV Qualification Report on LGPL9SC, 9SP & 8SC

RD-88-3 nvestigation of the effect of HUCKCOMP® installation forces on graphite/epoxy laminates.

RD-88-3 Amendment A. Study of delimitation in graphite/epoxy laminates due to fastener forces simulating gapped joints.

RD-88-4 Graphite/epoxy laminate response to 1/4" diameter Huck comp installation forces.

TCT-89-1 HUCKCOMP® II fastener installation in graphite/epoxy laminates

TCT-89-5 Effect of fastener and joint condition of mechanically fastened graphite/epoxy laminates.

TCT-89-6 Response of a graphite/epoxy laminates to through the thickness during compressive loads.

TCT-90-8 Creep measurement of clamp force on HUCKCOMP®, LGPL and Hi-Lite fasteners.

TCT-91-3 Finite element analysis of fastener pry-off failures

TCT-91-17 Studies on Lockbolt fastening in graphite/epoxy laminate structure.

TCT-92-16 Evaluation of HUCKCOMP® lockbolt fastener installation forces on close fit seal washers.

TCT-93-1 HLHP installed with MIL-S-8343 class A sealant. (Installation Details)

TCT-93-2 Composite plate dynamic fuel tightness evaluation of HUCKCOMP fasteners.

TCT-93-14 Retained clamp-up in composite-aluminum joints with fay surface sealant.

TCT-93-15 Static and dynamic composite lap shear tests with LHPL Lockbolts.

TCT-95-342 3/16 diameter 130° shear head HUCKCOMP® Lockbolts Vs 3/16 diameter standard flush head Eddie Bolts -Vibration endurance in Titanium plate

Videos on LGP® Fasteners

Composite Fastening with HUCKCOMP® This video explains the performance of the HUCKCOMP® and other fastening systems for composite applications.

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