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Ti-Matic® Installation Sequence

Unimatic® Single Action Method
Unimatic® is a single action installation method that installs the Ti-Matic® Blind Bolt with one continuous stroke of the installation tool. This method of installation offers the possibility of offset tools for installations in clearance areas. Unimatic® Blind Bolts are identified with the letter "U" in the Ti-Matic® part numbers. The installation schematic shown illustrates the Ti-Matic® with the optional drive washer. The function principle, however, applies to all Ti-Matic® Fastener.
1. The fastener is inserted into a prepared hole of the proper size and material thickness. The installation tool is engaged.

2. Pulling the trigger starts movement of the spindle. The spindle head contacts the end of the sleeve and the blind side bulb starts to form. The sleeve bulbing loads are absorbed internally by the sleeve itself and do not exert delaminating loads on the structure. The pulling head is reacted against the drive washer.

3. The blind side bulb continues to form.

4. Continued motion of the spindle starts pulling the sheets together and forming the blind side bulb. The lock collar starts to enter the lock cavity.

5. As the lock groove on the spindle aligns with the lock pocket in the sleeve, the lock collar is swaged into the lock cavity, locking the assembly together. The pulling load continues and the spindle separates at the break neck.

6. The spindle breaks flush with the sleeve head, the lock is firmly in place, the drive washer is discarded and the installation is complete. The entire installation cycle is accomplished in less than 2 seconds.

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