Advantages of Aluminum in Marine Applications

Join American Bureau of Shipping’s Derek Novak, and Alcoa Defense’s Dr. Brett Conner and Commander Fred Latrash for this complimentary webinar to learn:

  • Alcoa Defense assists the U.S. Navy and others to build aluminum ships

  • ABS develops rules for aluminum structures in naval environments

  • Aluminum performs in marine environments

  • Aluminum ship materials, design, and manufacturing methods have advanced

  • Aluminum ships are competitive from acquisition and total lifecycle cost perspectives

Aluminum has played an essential role in US Naval ship history. Aluminum was first used by the Navy in the 1890s and continues to be an important enabler for many of today’s marine applications. Many ships, boats and ferries already used substantial amounts of aluminum, and we see that increasing in the future. In recent years, some perceptions around aluminum have pervaded the industry, making some concerned to explore greater use of aluminum in shipbuilding. We’ll dispel some of those misperceptions today, and explain why aluminum can not only be cost effective, but over the lifecycle of a ship, provide benefits not found with other materials.

Our Speakers:

Brett Conner, Ph.D

Project Leader, Sea Systems Research and Development, Alcoa Defense Bio

Derek Novak

Vice-President, Engineering, ABS Americas Bio

Commander Fred Latrash, U.S. Navy (retired)

VP, Business Development, Navy and Air Force Programs, Alcoa Defense Bio