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September 4, 2001

Alcoa Further Reduces Production at Two Brazil Smelters

PITTSBURGH--September 4, 2001-- Alcoa announced today that it has further reduced aluminum production at its two aluminum smelters in Brazil as part of a nationwide energy rationing effort there.

Production at Alcoa's Poços de Caldas, Brazil aluminum smelter had been cut by 25%, or 22,500 metric tons per year (mtpy) on June 1 and is being further reduced by 25% today. This additional decrease in production at the smelter is prompted by the energy situation in Brazil.

Poços de Caldas had been operating near nameplate capacity of 90,000 mtpy since 1979. Its current capacity is 45,000 mtpy.

Production at the Alumar smelter in São Luis in the northern region of Brazil had been cut by 63,000 mtpy on July 1 and is further being reduced by an additional 29,500-mtpy. With this latest reduction, approximately 25% of production at the 370,000-mtpy Alumar smelter has been curtailed. Alcoa Aluminio, Alcoa's Brazilian affiliate, receives 54% of Alumar's output.

The net effect of the curtailments at the two smelters will not be material to Alcoa's full year 2001 earnings.

Alcoa owns 59% of Alcoa Aluminio S.A. Alcoa's worldwide primary aluminum capacity is 4.1 million mtpy. Alcoa currently has approximately 710,000 mtpy of idled smelting capacity.

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