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December 5, 2009

Alcoa 2009 Worldwide Month of Service: Alcoa Employees Rally in Record Numbers for Their Communities

NEW YORK--On International Volunteer Day, Alcoa President and CEO Klaus Kleinfeld congratulated the record 23,000 Alcoa employees who took part in the company’s 2009 Worldwide Month of Service - volunteering in 800 community events to support those in need and invest in the sustainability of our planet.

The annual Worldwide Month of Service program brings together Alcoa’s global workforce to make a positive difference in the communities where they live and work – this year partnering with nearly 1,900 not-for-profit community organizations across 23 countries.

Despite the challenging year, employee involvement in the company-wide initiative soared in 2009 – demonstrating a commitment to working in partnership to meet the challenges of the economic downturn and addressing priority community concerns such as climate change.

Through the efforts of Alcoa employees during this month of intensive service activity over 14,000 meals were served to those in need, 4,000 charitable campaigns held to collect and distribute food and clothing, and 11,000 trees planted.

“It is really inspiring to see our people volunteering to make a positive difference in the lives of others around the globe, applying the same collective energy, talent and passion that has steered Alcoa through this challenging year,” said Kleinfeld.

“Alcoa has a proud culture of volunteering and we chose International Volunteer Day to announce these achievements to further recognize our people and the way they add real value across our communities.”

Over 190,000 people across Alcoa and the broader community have participated in the Month of Service initiative since its inception in 2006.

Month of Service is the centerpiece of year-round volunteer efforts by Alcoa employees, who last year gave 705,000 hours of voluntary service – the equivalent of more than 350 people working full-time.

In addition to supporting communities in this way, the efforts of Alcoa employees further deepen the company’s long-term commitment to environmental sustainability, reflected by the Alcoa Foundation’s $24M commitment to community-based conservation projects since 2006 – and the company’s action to plant 10 Million Trees, to recycle, and to find solutions to global climate change on all fronts.

In 1985, the General Assembly of the United Nations designated December 5 for an annual celebration of all that is achieved by volunteers; International Volunteer Day is celebrated in more than half the world’s countries. Details can be found at

2009 Month of Service Highlights:

22,781 Alcoa volunteers working with 1,900 community organizations in 795 service events, across 23 countries

180 rivers, parks and recreation areas rehabilitated and restored

200 community facilities and shelters restored

427 schools helped or improved

14,000 meals served to those in need.

11,000 trees planted

29,000 children and 5,300 senior citizens assisted

76,000 community members positively impacted

Regional highlights:

  • Across the United States, over 7,000 Alcoans participated in 318 events to promote environmental sustainability and support those in need in their communities during tough economic times with the following results:
    • 5000 trees planted
    • 80 parks, reserves, and coastal areas cleaned and rehabilitated
    • 100 shelters and community facilities improved
    • 250 donation campaigns for food, clothing and medicine
    • 112 schools supported with afterschool education, repairs and other needs
    • 2,400 elderly people and over 8,800 school children assisted
  • In Canada, a record 2,000 employees were involved in Month of Service events that included a weekend of service to improve the local environment in Quebec, serving at shelters, soup kitchens and a local library; and giving to United Way charity campaign and clothing drives to assist those in need.

  • In Australia, close to 50% of employees participated across Western Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. Building on the successful Make an Impact greenhouse footprint reduction program, Australian employees reached out to the community to help find solutions to climate change through environmental projects, clean-ups and tree-planting.
  • Across Asia, employees in China, Singapore, South Korea and for the first time, Japan, took part in Month of Service. A record 29% of all employees in China took part, improving regional environmental sustainability and reaching out to those most in need.

  • Across 11 countries in Europe, close to 6,000 employees took part in events to improve the local environment and support communities impacted by the downturn.
  • Alcoa’s newest employees in Norway showed their community commitment taking part in Month of Service for the first time in 2009.
  • Employees in Russia rallied in record numbers and increased their involvement from 3% in 2008 to 43% in 2009 - with environmental improvements and clothing, toy and blood drives to aid orphanages, schools and seniors facilities.
  • In Hungary Alcoans also came out in greater numbers, holding 44 hands-on projects to improve the conditions of schools, community facilities and the environment.
  • Alcoa Iceland’s year-round volunteer efforts to help the local community through the economic downturn continued, with Red Cross clothing collections and support for the local rescue squad.

  • In Brazil, a total of 3,590 employees (almost 70%) participated in Month of Service, alongside 128 non-profit and community organizations. The highlight was a series of innovative environmental community outreach programs around recycling awareness and carbon footprint reduction.
  • Over half of Alcoa employees in Jamaica took part in eight separate events to improve local community facilities and schools and brighten the lives of those less fortunate.

Alcoa is the world leader in the production and management of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina combined. Serving the aerospace, automotive, packaging, building and construction, commercial transportation and industrial markets, Alcoa brings design, engineering, production and other capabilities to its customers. The company is dedicated to making a sustainable product, with more than 70% of the aluminum ever produced since 1886 is still in use today.

Alcoa recognizes that the success of its business is directly connected to the strength of the communities in which it operates and together with Alcoa Foundation, works to address the needs of communities where it has a presence. In addition to addressing locally identified needs, Alcoa Foundation is focused on unlocking solutions to critical environmental sustainability challenges, including global climate change. The company combines funding with hands-on support from its employee volunteers, who gave 705,000 services hours in 2008 to make their communities stronger, more resilient places to live and work.