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May 28, 2009

Alcoa Supports the Illinois Army National Guard Recycling Program

PITTSBURGH--Alcoa (NYSE:AA) announced today that more than 50 U.S. Army National Guard facilities in Illinois, through support from the Illinois Recycling Association, will enhance their recycling programs by using recycling bins donated by Alcoa. More than 1,000 green, 22-gallon bins have been shipped from Alcoa Recycling in Tennessee to the Illinois Army National Guard State Headquarters at Camp Lincoln in Springfield, Illinois, for distribution throughout the State.

In addition to the recycling bins, which can be used for a variety of recyclable materials, Alcoa will also provide Camp Lincoln with recycling containers designed specifically for aluminum beverage cans.

“These bins will make collecting and recycling aluminum cans much easier for these military facilities,” said Greg Wittbecker, Alcoa Director Corporate Metal Recycling Strategy.

“The Alcoa recycling bins are essential to helping us expand our program and comply fully with Federal and State regulatory guidance concerning solid waste management and recycling,” said David B. Miller, Military Environmental Specialist at Camp Lincoln. “We appreciate Alcoa’s generosity in supporting the Army’s recycling program and the Illinois Recycling Association, which was instrumental in recommending the bins for our use.”

Earlier this year Alcoa Recycling and the U.S. National Recycling Coalition rolled out a major initiative designed to make recycling more accessible to people across the country. Working with the state affiliates of the NRC, Alcoa has delivered approximately 25,000 recycling bins for placement in a variety of settings where bins had not previously been available, such as schools, government and office buildings, and low-income communities. All bins have been allocated for the 2009 Alcoa/NRC Recycling Bin Program.

Alcoa Recycling was started in 1978 to recycle used beverage containers. Since then, Alcoa Recycling has become an industry leader by recycling aluminum of all forms, including cans. In 2008, the Aluminum Association set forth the goal of achieving a 75% recycling rate of aluminum cans by 2015. This goal is what Alcoa Recycling aims for when investigating efficient and cost-effective recycling models, pursuing meaningful recycling legislation, and educating the public about the benefits of recycling. Developing greater convenience for recycling is also a key component of Alcoa Recycling’s campaign, which has prompted our massive recycling bin distribution program as well as partnerships with various community groups and corporate partners. For more information about Alcoa Recycling, visit our website at