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March 8, 2004

Alcoa Honors 9 Suppliers for Top UBC Quality; 5 Are Repeat Winners

KNOXVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 8, 2004--Alcoa Rigid Packaging, one of Alcoa's largest business units, announced today the selection of nine companies to receive Alcoa UBC Supplier Quality Awards for shipments of outstanding quality used beverage containers (UBCs) in 2003.

The winners include:

-- Alter Trading, Davenport, IA

-- Atlas Pacific Corporation, Bloomington, CA

-- BARC, Bakersfield, CA

-- Cooper Recycling, Livingston, TN

-- Mid America Recycling, Des Moines, IA

-- QuikService Steel Co., Oklahoma City, OK

-- Sides Metal Recycling, Cape Girardeau, MO

-- Solid Waste Authority and FCR, West Palm Beach, FL

-- Yaffe Metals, Tulsa, OK

Demonstrating a true dedication to outstanding UBC quality are five repeat winners. They are: Alter Trading, BARC, Cooper Recycling, Mid America Recycling and Yaffe Metals. In fact, Alter Trading and Mid America are three-time winners.

Bestowed since 1997, the Alcoa UBC Supplier Quality Awards spotlight the importance of high quality UBCs in the remelting process and in eliminating potential hazards for employees.

According to Bryan Steverson, chairman of the Alcoa Rigid Packaging UBC quality committee, consistency is key. "These firms treat every load of UBCs as critical. They are committed to providing clean, dry UBCs that are free of moisture, dirt, glass, plastic and other materials," he said. "They are the "best of the best" of the nearly 2,000 companies who ship UBCs to Alcoa, and we salute their hard work and focus," Steverson said.

The elimination of contaminants from UBC shipments has a direct impact on the quality and cost of recycled aluminum cans as well as the safety of employees involved in the recycling process.

Alcoa Rigid Packaging produces aluminum sheet for the beverage and food can industries and leads Alcoa's aluminum can recycling activities. Alcoa is one of the nation's largest consumers of UBCs.