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January 23, 1997

Yale University School of Medicine to Provide Medical and Occupational Health Services to Alcoa

PITTSBURGH--January 23, 1997-- Alcoa and Yale University School of Medicine announced today that they have entered into an innovative arrangement whereby Yale University School of Medicine's Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program, directed by Mark R. Cullen, M. D., will work with Alcoa's medical and occupational health staff to provide services to the corporation that have been traditionally delivered exclusively by internal personnel.

Dr. Cullen, professor of medicine and epidemiology, will direct the efforts of a Yale team to, in part, provide medical input, advice and evaluation to Alcoa on issues related to occupational and environmental medicine. Dr. Cullen's Yale team will develop and evaluate medical protocols and work with Alcoa staff to develop, update and interpret company-wide health programs.

Dr. Cullen commented, "This state-of-the-art partnership between a major medical school and industry to provide health and occupational medical services represents an exciting advance in this field." He added, "Our relationship is parallel to the historic change of a century ago when medical schools and hospitals joined to provide the highest possible standard of clinical care for the sick. In a similar way, this agreement between Alcoa and Yale significantly enhances the ability of a major industrial company to manage and address medical and occupational health issues."

Richard B. Kelson, Alcoa's executive vice president - environment, health and safety, and general counsel, said that Alcoa has entered into this arrangement because "the Yale group brings an extraordinary breadth of expertise to Alcoa that would otherwise be unobtainable." He continued, "Over the last three years, Dr. Cullen has consulted with Alcoa on a wide range of issues involving our industry and our facilities. He assisted in the conduct and interpretation of several complex health studies. It was our appreciation for the quality of these important services that prompted us to explore a more comprehensive and permanent relationship."

He added, "Our goal is to have the best occupational health and medical program that we can. This partnership - teaming our internal health personnel with Dr. Cullen's group - gives us a depth and breadth of expertise that assures that we will provide our employees with excellent occupational health services."

"The relatively new specialty of occupational and environmental medicine focuses on the external causes of illness and injury found in the workplace and ambient environment," explains Dr. Cullen, who founded the Yale Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program in 1979. "The goals of our research and practice are to understand these external causes and to develop strategies which will prevent the ill effects, or, when that fails, will recognize and treat them. These efforts will benefit Alcoa and its employees, as well as others who work in industry."

As part of the Yale School of Medicine, the Occupational and Environmental Medicine Program has access to extensive resources, renowned faculty and an array of scientists and specialists. The program encompasses experts in the fields of medicine, immunology, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, nursing and medical research.

Dr. Cullen himself has had a wide range of opportunities to evaluate occupational exposures, to interpret data, and to analyze and manage occupational exposure in a vast array of projects. In addition to his teaching, research and clinical activities, Dr. Cullen serves on many national and international advisory committees.

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