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August 15, 2000

Alcoa Selected One of the World's 100 Best-Managed Companies by INDUSTRYWEEK magazine

CLEVELAND, OHIO--August 15, 2000-- Alcoa is one of INDUSTRYWEEK'S 100 Best-Managed Companies as chosen by editors at IW and a panel of international experts. The report will appear in the August 21, 2000, issue of INDUSTRYWEEK.

Candidates for INDUSTRYWEEK'S 100 Best-Managed Companies were culled from the INDUSTRYWEEK 1000, a list of the world's largest publicly held manufacturing companies based on revenues. Waltham, Mass.-based Primark Corp. supplied the data for the IW 1000, which was published in June.

Each company was selected after a lengthy evaluation that included the following four steps: analysis of the company's financial performance; review of a questionnaire that each IW 1000 company was given an opportunity to complete; research into each company's practices in areas such as philanthropy and safety; and voting by a panel of more than 90 business leaders, analysts, and academicians.

"INDUSTRYWEEK'S 100 Best-Managed Companies are the world's leaders in innovative management strategies," says John Brandt, publisher and editor-in-chief of IW. "Their emphasis on long-term growth makes them models for every corporation."

Twenty companies on the IW list in 1999 do not appear on the list this year. Seventeen companies appear for the first time. Twenty-four companies appear for the second time, 17 for the third time, and seven for the fourth time. Thirteen countries are represented. The top three are the U.S. with 74; Japan, six; and Germany, four.

INDUSTRYWEEK magazine is exclusively dedicated to covering the complexities of managing a manufacturing company in today's New Economy. for senior management and has more than 850,000 readers.