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December 7, 2000

Support From Alcoa Foundation And Alcoa Provides Vital Links For American Red Cross

PITTSBURGH--December 7, 2000-- $150,000 in satellite phones, grant monies extend global outreach

In a combined effort to advance American Red Cross disaster preparedness and relief efforts, Alcoa Foundation and Alcoa have provided $150,000 in cash and equipment to support American Red Cross communications and training programs worldwide. Alcoa Foundation has provided a grant of $75,000 for CPR mannequins and other lifesaving training in nine countries worldwide. Alcoa has donated portable satellite phones valued at more than $75,000 to provide vital communications lines following disasters. Alcoa originally purchased the phones to maintain uninterrupted communications during potential outages related to Y2K.

Training the Trainer
Alcoa Foundation's $75,000 grant to the American Red Cross will provide CPR mannequins to support Red Cross and Red Crescent Society training programs in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, St. Croix and Suriname. The American Red Cross, in cooperation with its sister societies worldwide, empowers more than 11 million people with lifesaving skills such as CPR and First Aid. By 'training the trainer,' the organization transfers the latest techniques and methods to instructors, who in turn share these skills with individuals who use them to save countless lives annually.

Lifelines from Alcoa
Emergency communications provide a vital link between Red Cross workers providing aid and relief immediately following a disaster. Frequently, the nature of the disaster wipes out the infrastructure necessary to support communications. Alcoa's donation of portable satellite telephones will enable American Red Cross workers to stay in touch despite hardship conditions. The satellite phones are ideal for emergency situations because they can operate without the traditional infrastructure required for other types of telecommunications.

About Alcoa
Alcoa is the world's leading producer of primary aluminum, fabricated aluminum and alumina. It is active in all major segments of the industry. It has more than 300 operating locations in 36 countries.

About Alcoa Foundation
Established in 1952, Alcoa Foundation is a global resource that actively invests in improving the quality of life in more than 25 countries around the world where Alcoa operates. Its mission is to enhance and strengthen educational opportunities, health and human services, the environment and cultural endeavors for people in Alcoa locations worldwide. For more information about Alcoa Foundation, visit Alcoa's web site at under "Getting To Know Alcoa."

About the American Red Cross
The American Red Cross is dedicated to helping make families and communities safer at home and around the world. A humanitarian service organization currently operating on a budget of $2.7 billion, the American Red Cross annually mobilizes relief to the victims of more than 63,000 disasters nationwide and has been the primary supplier of lifesaving blood and blood products in the United States for more than 50 years. The American Red Cross also trains more than 11.7 million people in vital lifesaving skills, provides direct health services to 2.5 million people, provides more than 24 million locally relevant community services, assists international disaster and conflict victims in more than 50 countries, and transmits nearly 1.4 million emergency messages between members of the U.S. Armed Forces and their families. Dr. Bernadine Healy is president and CEO of the American Red Cross.

Kathleen W. Buechel
Alcoa Foundation

Leslie VanSant
American Red Cross