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November 2, 2000

Alcoa Voluntarily Recalls Aftermarket Light Truck Wheel

PITTSBURGH--November 2, 2000

Alcoa Wheel Products is voluntarily recalling forged aluminum light truck wheels, size 16x7J, LTS style, 8 on 6.5" bolt pattern (Alcoa part number 167011). These wheels were manufactured for the aftermarket (non-OEM) consumer and are used primarily on 3/4 - and one-ton pick-ups. A crack can develop from hand hole to hand hole and can result in additional cracks and potential failure over time if the wheel is not removed from service. Failure can include separation of the wheel from the vehicle if the crack is allowed to propagate around the entire circumference of the wheel. Alcoa is not aware of any injuries associated with the use of this wheel.

The recall includes aftermarket wheels, part number 167011 only. Customers and dealers can determine whether a wheel is included in this recall by checking the part number in the wheel roll stamp, positioned on the outside of the rim near the hand hole and in line with the valve location. A consumer can also inspect their wheels and visually confirm the presence of a crack before there is a risk of immediate service failure. Wheels with cracks should immediately be removed from service. All others should be removed from service as soon as practical.

Alcoa will replace the wheels with an alternate style wheel, offering a quick exchange at no cost to consumers. In addition, a modified design of the LTS style wheel will be available for shipment within 180 days.


For more information on the recall, replacement procedures and replacement wheels, call 888-279-3055 or write the Alcoa Wheel Service Center, 106 N. 1st Avenue, Clarion, Penn., 16214.

Before beginning any work on the wheel or vehicle, a dealer must call the Alcoa Wheel Service Center at 888-279-3055 for instructions and an authorization number. The authorization number is necessary to arrange payment for services as well as replacement and return of wheels. Authorized payment includes reasonable costs of demounting, tire balancing, replacement wheels and remounting of the assembly.