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January 17, 2001

Portland Aluminium Continues Community Consultation

PORTLAND--January 17, 2001-- Portland Aluminium will embark on a fresh round of community consultation when it meet members of the public this Thursday as part of its environmental planning process.

As well as helping to build valuable relationships with the community, the meeting will provide Portland Aluminium with input into its environmental improvement plan, according to Operations Manager Trevor Adams.

"Each year Portland Aluminium intends to prepare an Environmental Improvement Plan that details responsibilities and a schedule for all major environmental activities for the coming year. We consider community consultation to be a very important part of the planning process," Mr Adams said.

Direct neighbours and key leaders of community organisations have been invited to attend the meeting.

Mr Adams added that preparing an Environmental Improvement Plan is a key component of Portland Aluminium's 2000 aim of becoming an accredited licensee with the Environment Protection Authority.

Victoria’s Environment Protection Authority awards accredited licences to companies that demonstrate they have sound environmental management systems, robust environmental audit programs and continuous environmental improvement plans in place.

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