Heading to Zero Waste
November 6, 2012
From:  Alcoa Davenport Works
By:  Cindy McDermott

Alcoa Davenport Works (Iowa, USA) is on its way to have zero waste going to landfills in the future. To help achieve that goal, the plant has opened a waste sort facility to reclaim materials now going to landfills for recycling and using non-recyclables for alternative fuel. The facility is part of Alcoa's Global Rolled Products group.

Davenport's plan calls for an 80 percent reduction from its baseline of 2005 in waste going to the landfill by mid-2013. The waste sort effort is transparent to Davenport employees as they can co-mingle all industrial recyclables and trash in one container, and they will be sorted out at the new on-site facility. In addition, industrial trash that is not recyclable is shredded and sent to a cement kiln in the Davenport area to be used as alternate fuel-a first within Alcoa.

An area in the former Davenport Foil Mill building will hold the specialized equipment to reclaim dunnage and package it for reuse. This new area was unveiled with a ribbon cutting during Davenport’s Community Environmentalists meeting on October 27.  During a three-hour visit to the plant, local environmentalists learned about the business climate for Davenport, its EHS program and the plant’s environmental progress overall. A question and answer session was also included. 

About two dozen Quad City environmentalists visited Alcoa Davenport as part of the annual environmentalists visit. 
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