In addition to, Alcoa is an active participant in and uses social media to communicate information about the company. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are powerful tools that allow us to connect with our customers, investors, potential employees and fans.

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2013 SEC Filings
10-Q Filed: 2013-10-18
8-K Filed: 2013-10-15
8-K Filed: 2013-10-11
8-K Filed: 2013-10-09
8-K Filed: 2013-08-19
10-Q Filed: 2013-07-25
8-K Filed: 2013-07-11
S-8 Filed: 2013-07-10
8-K Filed: 2013-07-09
8-K Filed: 2013-07-01
8-K Filed: 2013-05-30
8-K Filed: 2013-05-24
8-K Filed: 2013-05-20
8-K Filed: 2013-05-09
8-K Filed: 2013-05-08
S-8 POS Filed: 2013-04-19
10-Q Filed: 2013-04-18
8-K Filed: 2013-04-11
8-K Filed: 2013-04-09
DEFA14A Filed: 2013-04-09
ARS Filed: 2013-03-18
DEFA14A Filed: 2013-03-14
DEFA14A Filed: 2013-03-14
DEF 14A Filed: 2013-03-14
PRE 14A Filed: 2013-03-01
10-K/A Filed: 2013-02-19
10-K Filed: 2013-02-15
SC 13G/A Filed: 2013-02-13
SC 13G Filed: 2013-02-11
SC 13G/A Filed: 2013-02-08
8-K Filed: 2013-01-14
8-K Filed: 2013-01-09
8-K Filed: 2013-01-09
Past SEC filings