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Business Unit Leaders

Ed Hemmersbach
President, Alcoa Global Packaging
Warrick, Ind.

Olivier Jarrault
Executive Vice President, Alcoa
Group President, Alcoa Engineered Products and Solutions
Torrance, California

Kay Meggers
Executive Vice President, Alcoa
Global President, Global Rolled Products
New York, New York

Glen Morrison
President, Alcoa Building and Construction Systems
Norcross, Georgia

Tim D. Myers
President, Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products
Cleveland, Ohio

Michael A. Pepper
President, Alcoa Power and Propulsion
Whitehall, Michigan

Timothy D. Reyes
President, Alcoa Casting
Alcoa Global Primary Products
Knoxville, Tennessee

Eric V. Roegner
Chief Operating Officer, Alcoa Investment Castings, Forgings, and Extrusions
President, Alcoa Defense
Cleveland, Ohio

Vitaliy V. Rusakov
President, Alcoa Fastening Systems & Rings
Torrance, California

Jacques J. Vanier
President, Alcoa Forgings & Extrusions,
Alcoa Oil & Gas, and Alcoa Engineered Structure
Lafayette, Indiana

Mark Vrablec
President, Global Aerospace, Ground Transportation, and Industrial and Specialty Products
Global Rolled Products
Chicago, Illinois

Robert G. Wilt
Executive Vice President, Alcoa
President, Global Primary Products
Wenatchee, Washington

Kenneth Wisnoski
President, International Project Development
and Asset Management
New York, New York