A New Generation Cordless Electric Tooling
Type: Technical Paper
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Market: Aerospace
Technology: Aerospace design,Automotive design,Fastening Systems
Year: 2009
Abstract: Following the trend in automotive manufacturing, electric cordless tooling platforms are gradually being adopted for aerospace assembly tool systems. This paper introduces a new portable aerospace fastener assembly tool system based on the cordless electric technology platform. These systems are significantly more accurate than traditional pneumatic–based assembly tool systems and offer a range of process monitoring options. Cordless assembly tool systems make the assembly process easier, faster, safer and more accurate. These systems have the ability to provide traceability with time & date stamp for each installed fastener and provide wireless communication to enable process monitoring in real time. A comparison with traditional aerospace tool systems is made, in terms of historical evolution and working performance. Lessons learned from automotive applications are brought to aerospace industry. Key benefits include better ergonomics, improved accessibility, productivity and cost. The adaptability of these new assembly tools to different families of fastening systems is also presented.
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