Aluminum Alloy 2040 for Demanding Aircraft Wheel Applications
Type: Technical Paper
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Market: Aerospace
Technology: Alloy product & process
Year: 2007
Abstract: Aluminum aircraft wheels are subjected to harsh and demanding operating conditions during service such as heat, carbon dust, runway and aircraft fluids, and high-energy braking events. Consequently, strength at ambient and elevated temperatures, corrosion resistance, density, fatigue behavior, and fracture resistance are primary material property drivers for an aircraft wheel alloy. The combination of these desired material properties, which are present in conventional wheel alloys 2014 and 7050, naturally drives the structural design of an aluminum aircraft wheel (Fig. 1). Alcoa has developed a new wrought aluminum alloy, 2040, which not only possesses an enhanced combination of the desired material properties, but produces wheel designs lighter in weight than those currently available with alloys 2014 and 7050.
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