New Flat Rolled Products from Alcoa: A Progress Report on 2199
Type: Technical Paper
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Market: Building & construction
Technology: Alloy product & process,Sheet/plate
Year: 2007
Abstract: Alcoa’s newly developed Al-Cu-Li-Zn-Mg alloy, which has been registered as Al-Li 2199 with the Aluminum Association, is targeted for use in commercial aircraft fuselage and lower wing skin applications. The unprecedented rate at which Al-Li 2199 products are being brought to commercial status is due to the significant weight savings they offer over incumbent products. With the 2199 alloy sheet and plate products, close to 20% weight savings are realized via higher modulus, strength, lower density, and lower spectrum fatigue crack growth rates. Fig. 1 shows projected weight savings based on Alcoa’s internal trade studies.
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