Structural members having improved resistance to fatigue crack growth
Type: Patent
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Number: 6974633
Market: Aerospace,Alumina,Aluminum Ingot,Automotive,Building & construction,Commercial transportation,Industrial products,Packaging and consumer,Oil & Gas,Consumer electronics,Sustainability
Technology: Aerospace design
Year: 2005
Abstract: An extruded structural member having improved damage tolerance containing a base section (6); a stiffening section having at least one pair of structural stiffeners (10), the structural stiffeners integral with the base section (6) and projecting outwardly thereof; and at least one intra-stiffener (90) area positioned between the pair of structural stiffeners (10), the intra-stiffener area (90) having a microstructure with intentionally increased amounts of fiber texture to reduce the rate of fatigue crack growth in the extruded structural member.
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