Methods and apparatus for reducing sulfur impurities and improving current efficiencies of inert anode aluminum production cells
Type: Patent
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Number: 6866766
Market: Aerospace,Alumina,Aluminum Ingot,Automotive,Building & construction,Commercial transportation,Industrial products,Packaging and consumer,Oil & Gas,Consumer electronics,Sustainability
Technology: Manufacturing systems & technology
Year: 2005
Abstract: Methods and apparatus are disclosed for reducing sulfur impurities in aluminum electrolytic production cells in order to significantly increase current efficiency of the cells. An impurity reduction zone may be created in the bath of an inert anode cell by submerging a purifying electrode in the bath. In another embodiment, an oxygen barrier tube may be disposed in a portion of the bath. In a further embodiment, reductants such as aluminum, CO and/or CO.sub.2 are added to the bath. In another embodiment, electrode current is interrupted or electrodes are removed from selected regions of the cell in order to allow gaseous impurities to escape from the bath. Sulfur impurity levels may also be reduced in inert anode cells by scrubbing bath emissions from the cell before they are reintroduced into the cell, and by controlling sulfur impurity contents of materials added to the cell.
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