Modular front end for a motor vehicle
Type: Patent
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Number: 6755461
Market: Aerospace,Alumina,Aluminum Ingot,Automotive,Building & construction,Commercial transportation,Industrial products,Packaging and consumer,Oil & Gas,Consumer electronics,Sustainability
Technology: Automotive design
Year: 2004
Abstract: The modular front end forms the front portion of a motor vehicle. The modular front end includes a bulkhead defining a plurality of integrally formed attachment mounts. A drive train assembly carrying at least an engine of the motor vehicle is attached to the bulkhead at the attachment mounts. A crash energy absorption assembly is attached to the attachment mounts on the bulkhead and generally extends around the drive train assembly. An apron assembly is attached to the bulkhead at the attachment mounts and is generally positioned above the drive train assembly and crash energy absorption assembly.
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