Printing plate material with electrocoated layer
Type: Patent
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Number: 06631679
Market: Aerospace,Alumina,Aluminum Ingot,Automotive,Building & construction,Commercial transportation,Industrial products,Packaging and consumer,Oil & Gas,Consumer electronics,Sustainability
Technology: Sheet/plate
Year: 2003
Abstract: A process for making printing plate material suitable for imaging by laser radiation. A metal substrate is electrocoated in a bath containing a polymeric resin and laser-sensitive particles, thereby depositing a laser ablatable layer on a principal surface of the metal substrate. In one embodiment, the laser-ablatable layer is treated with a corona discharge for a time sufficient to render the layer non-ink wettable. In other preferred embodiments, the laser-ablatable layer is overcoated with an overlayer such as a non-ink wettable silicone layer or a water-wettable layer comprising an organophosphorus polymer, preferably a copolymer of acrylic acid and vinylphosphonic acid.
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