The world has changed incredibly since we were founded in 1888. Over 12 decades, Alcoa has grown and changed, thanks to our heritage of innovation and the commitment of our people. We invented the markets for our products and have continuously developed to meet and exceed the requirements of our markets and improved our products to meet our customers’ needs.

From one committed scientist in a homemade lab in his family's woodshed to 60,000 dedicated employees across 30 countries and six continents, our innovative solutions continue to revolutionize the world.

  • Alcoa’s global technology organization is comprised of thousands of scientists, engineers and researchers around the world dedicated to discovering and  developing the next-generation of Alcoa products, processes and services.
  • Alcoa’s scientific community is connected globally to research centers and universities in Russia, China, India, Europe and the United States.
  • Alcoa was founded on the innovative spirit of Charles Martin Hall and his patent that sparked the modern-day aluminum industry.
  • The company also owns the world’s largest light metals research and development center, Alcoa Technical Center, outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA .
  • Alcoa annually invests approximately 1% of its revenues in R&D, which is helping to build a foundation for Alcoa’s future.

Living Alcoa’s Vision: Applying Innovation to Advance Each Generation

Alcoans are always looking for new ways to add value for our customers and our Company. And they are great at forming teams to build on our diversity of talent, wisdom and experience. Innovation is in Alcoa’s DNA from our inventor-founder, Charles Martin Hall. Applying innovation through teamwork is in our DNA from his sister, Julia Hall, a chemist who helped Charles bring his inventions to life.

The men and women of today’s Alcoa are sustaining that tradition of innovation through teamwork. The scientists and technicians at the Alcoa Technical Center work closely with the market teams in our business units and our group centers of excellence, all collaborating to drive the innovation chain from research to development to application. They are guided by a passion to apply innovation to improve products for our customers and production processes for Alcoa.

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