FWAL Series Forged Aluminum Fifth Wheel


On a tractor trailer, the fifth wheel is the critical component that couples the tractor and trailer together. It must support tens of thousands of pounds of vertical and drawbar weight moving over rough roads at highway speeds.

Until recently, fifth wheels have been primarily steel components. But a new breakthrough design from Alcoa replaces the top plate with a single aluminum forging to save up to 125 pounds in weight without sacrificing strength or durability. The result for truckers is bigger payloads, lower maintenance and greater safety. Coupled with SAF Holland's advance no-lube technology, the new fifth wheel raises the bar in maintenance and environmental performance as well.

Key to the design success was Alcoa's unparalleled expertise and capacity in large aluminum forgings -- proven in aerospace components, automotive designs, and in forged Alcoa Wheels, widely recognized as the performance leaders in commercial transportation.


  • Bigger payload
  • Lower maintenance
  • No compromise in strength and durability


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