787 Dreamliner (in qualification)


Hundreds of thousands of fasteners are used in every new aircraft to secure body and wing panels and other components. With the new generation of composite aircraft such as Boeing's 787 Dreamliner currently under development, the role of fastening systems is more critical than ever. Special fasteners will be called on to secure composite to metal as well as metal to metal over a lifetime of takeoffs and landings.

Currently in qualification testing for Boeing's 787 and 747-8 aircraft is the new Ergo-Tech next-generation fastening solution. Ergo-Tech's blind fastener design means it can be installed by a single person or robotic system instead of two people. Its advanced low-torque installation tooling reduces strain on installers, makes it more compatible with robotic systems, and reduces installation time and cost. And its aluminum/titanium design significantly reduces weight to improve the aircrafts fuel efficiency and environmental performance.


  • Ergonomic one-side access, speed precision
  • Robotic installation capability
  • Quieter install; no torque-kick/fatigue
  • Lower installation cost
  • Lower installed weight


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