Fridge Vendor


Fridge Vendor, as it was originally called when spawned by Alcoa's Rigid Packaging business, makes it easier for consumers to keep more drinks cold in the refrigerator and helps boost sales for Alcoa's can-making customers.

Fridge Vendor took shape when Alcoa Rigid Packaging was looking for ways to sell more aluminum can sheet. The idea was the outcome of extensive, in-home ethnographic consumer research and brainstorming sessions with Alcoa, Riverwood International Corp., a leading paperboard packaging company, and others. The key insight was that if new packaging could make it easier for consumers to store more canned beverages in a refrigerator, they might buy and consume more drinks. The new packs take up "dead" space in the refrigerator.

The packs have been well received by consumers, and beverage makers say they have helped boost sales.


  • Easier storage
  • Space savings
  • Increased use of recyclable aluminum
  • Sustainable


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