Ultra-Light Extruded Alloy Drill Pipe


Alcoa's advancements in the design and construction of lightweight, high performance exploration riser components have provided measurable improvements in the performance and reach of ultra-deep water exploration. In particular, these advanced drilling risers are allowing the industry to reach previously untouchable reserves.

Beyond these advanced, lightweight risers, Alcoa is introducing its latest line of ultra-light drill pipe which provides for equivalent steel pipe performance but at half the net weight. These new drill strings have been specifically designed to provide significant operational advantages for those running extended reach drilling operations, ultra-deep water drilling operations, or those desiring to re-task existing assets into deeper drilling operations.


  • Lighter weight
  • Lower drilling costs
  • Time savings
  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Better drilling characteristics
  • Improved dependability
  • Improved safety and reliability


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