September 14, 2015

Ford, Alcoa Collaborate on More Formable and Design-Friendly Next-Generation Aluminum Alloys

Ford will use Alcoa’s Micromill® material in multiple components on the 2016 F-150 – becoming the first automaker to use the advanced automotive aluminum commercially.

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Key Facts

  • Micromill produces automotive alloy that is 40% more formable and 30% stronger than incumbent aluminum, while meeting stringent automotive surface quality requirements
  • Automotive parts made with Alcoa Micromill® material will be twice as formable and 30% lighter than parts made from high strength steel
  • Alcoa Micromill reduces time to transform molten metal into aluminum coil from 20 days to 20 minutes
  • Micromill technology has the flexibility to transition seamlessly between producing rolled products for automotive, industrial and packaging markets
  • Alcoa has completed successful customer product trials and is qualifying Micromill material for next-generation automotive platforms


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Alcoa's MicromillTM - Unlocking Next-Generation Automotive Aluminum

Only a company with deep understanding of technology and a constant drive to make things better could develop a breakthrough that drastically advances its product. Find out more about Alcoa's most recent innovation-the MicromillTM- that will manufacture the next generation of high tech metal for the automotive industry and beyond.

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