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Alcoa Hits the Airwaves


The New York Stock Exchange has produced a 30 second video of Alcoa’s November 2 closing bell ceremony to air on the CNN Airport Network. From December 5th through the 19th, the video will appear in 46 major markets across the U.S., including Chicago O’Hare and New York’s LaGuardia and JFK airports. From December 5th through the 26th, the video will also be featured on FORTUNE and Time Inc. websites. But why wait? Watch the video now!    



We invented the aluminum industry and continue to lead in the innovation of new technologies. We are the best operators in the industry creating superior value for our customers.


Since 1888, the people of Alcoa have partnered to create innovative and sustainable solutions that move the world forward. We created the aluminum industry, and will continue to define and advance it.

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