São Luís, Brazil 2006

Alcoa's Alumar facility in São Luís has donated 3,000 trees for a pilot project to revitalize the Itapecuru River in the Brazilian state of Maranhão.

The Itapecuru River supplies water to approximately 60% of the state's population. Today, its basin has only 29% of vegetation remaining. There are 500,000 hectares (1.2 million acres) with no vegetation and 900 kilometers (560 miles) of unprotected water courses. Forty percent of the territory is susceptible to erosion.

The pilot project, which covers a six-hectare (15-acre) area and is being coordinated by the state government, will replenish both the vegetation that grows along the river and the fish species that are native to the waters. It will also implement agricultural production methods that have low environmental impact.

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